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Auto duct line ADL-III

Auto duct line ADL-III
Product name:Auto duct line ADL-III

Auto Duct line III consists of a decoiler, leveling & grooving rollers, hydraulic notching & punching machine, hydraulic shearer and hydraulic folder. The electrical control system uses a computer with a closed-loop servo-system to increase the precision and reliability of the line.

Basic configuration
A: Two power metal feeding frames
B: One leveling & grooving roller machine
C: Four hydraulic notch and die
D: Hydraulic shearer and folding machine
E: Industrial PLC control and specific software
Main technical data
Max. working speed: 10m/min
Suitable plate thickness: 0.4-1.2mm
Max. plate width: 1300mm
Tolerance in length: +/-0.5mm
Tolerance in diagonal: +/-0.8mm
Working capacity: 1000m2 square duct per shift.


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